Fall 2020


ASPIRE Clinic transitions to telehealth model

Quick pivot to new model allowed clients to continue receiving services.

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VITA program assists taxpayers during pandemic

UGA students use tax preparation classroom experience to help Georgians

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Historic Clothing and Textiles Collection goes digital

Faculty member Monica Sklar leading way for greater access to collection.

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Characters can make healthy eating fun for kids

Caree Cotwright found the use of cute characters increased kids' willingness to try new healthy foods.

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Faculty member focuses on poverty, mental health

Desiree Seponski has a passion for improving access to mental health care and its relationship to poverty.

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Researchers discover brain circuit linked to food impulsivity

This creates the possibility scientists can someday develop therapeutics to address overeating

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Professor challenges students on diet culture

Laing: Weight stigma can be harmful to many, including marginalized identities.

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Taking textiles from trash to treasure

Researchers are turning waste denim into acoustic insulation materials.

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Annual Report

In our annual report we recognize our generous donors.

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Spotlight on Lori Maggioni

Maggioni, an RDN in the U.S. Army, received a dual Nutrition Science and Dietetics degree. She gained experience in data collection, analysis, and scientific writing while pursuing her degree.

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FACS donors contribute to record-breaking campaign

College donors helped create 25 new endowed funds to support students and faculty

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