Fall 2018


Building Bridges

Bermudez’s passion for Latino community fueled by her own immigrant story

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Claire de La Serre

Claire de La Serre investigates ingestive behavior, specifically how the gut communicates with the brain and the mechanisms that trigger overeating

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Targeting cancer with magnets

FACS researchers have developed a noninvasive way to deliver the drugs directly to tumors using magnetic forces

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FACS’ Bailey leads international effort backed by Gates Foundation

FACS researcher Lynn Bailey is leading an international effort to reduce neural tube defects in developing countries

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Historic “House B” to be renamed

The historic “House B” is getting a facelift – and a new name – courtesy of the Charles Schwab Foundation

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Passion with a Southern Flair

FACS grad Cynthia Hyde, publisher of Southern Distinction Magazine, provides fashion merchandising students hands-on training through internships

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A Capitol Campaign

FACS Legislative Aide program gives students an up-close look at state and federal government

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Beyond the Books

The ASPIRE Clinic prepares students for careers by offering real-life experience

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Seizing the Opportunity

One of the college’s first Legislative Aides, Robin Gary Durbin credits the program with boosting her sense of courage

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Determined and Driven

Bridget Weaver Greene, one of the college’s first African-American students, has never been intimidated by challenges

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Uncovering the Facts about FACS

Preparing to write the centennial pictorial publication meant uncovering the history of the college from 1918

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Proud to be a Dawg

Tom Cochran, a FACS 100 Centennial Honoree, has spent his life in service to UGA

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